Hi! I’m looking for a few more Ambitious Partners

Glad to have you on this page. You’re here cos’ you’re seeking to work personally with me in my primary Network Marketing company. That’s great, but there’s a little snag. Because of my busy schedule and the pressure (and pleasure) of working with an increasing team of partners, I’m very selective about who gets to work personally with me.

Over the cause of my career I’ve been able to identify some certain traits in people I so much love to work with and that eventually become successful.

I’m looking for people that:

  • Have a “No excuse” mindset. You either want success or you don’t want it. Excuses are for the incompetent. I don’t tolerate it.
  • Have leadership potential and can take initiative
  • Are willing to try new things. Thinking outside the box
  • And are coachable and willing to take daily consistent action
  • Have a long term mentality and are willing to commit to a success journey for at least 2 years.

Fill in the application form below to apply to work with me. You will be notified if your application has been accepted or denied.
-Wale Akintola

P.S. Your information is confidential and will not be shared.

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