How to follow-up effectively

You’ve heard it said a lot of times before “The Fortune is in the follow up”. Yet people make a lot of efforts in talking to prospects and in the end fail to do a proper follow-up on them.

In today’s blog post I’d like to share with you some tips that can help you be more effective and organized in following up with prospects.

These are the exact same follow-up methods that I have personally used to build a large organisation even from my very first year of joining Network Marketing and they have proved to be very effective. I hope you’ll find them useful as well.

How to follow up with prospects effectively

  1. Have a sign-in sheet – When doing home meetings or seminars use a sign-in sheet to collect people’s names, phone numbers and emails as they come in. This is very important as you need a way to track prospects after events. The sheet should also have a “How did you hear about this” section, this helps you ascertain which inviting method has been more effective for you and your team

The many other tips and methods I use to carry out effective follow up and they are contained in the video below. Take time to watch it, it promises to be very informative.

Did you watch the video? Hope you found it very enlightening. Remember, these are the same methods I use to grow my business. I believe the person who does a more effective follow-up will eventually have more success than the person that just talks to a lot of people and does little or no follow-up.

If this video has been helpful, please feel free to share it with your team, also I’d like you to comment, like and share it on Facebook as you please.

It’s my joy to see you succeed!


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