How to handle Attrition in Network Marketing

Attrition, that ugly occurrence we hate to see happen in our Network Marketing business, but happens anyway. In Network marketing Attrition basically means when someone leaves your team and go joins another company. How do you handle that?

Firstly, let it be clear that because attrition is present in this great profession does not mean there is anything wrong with Network Marketing. Attrition happens in almost every institution. In the corporate world people change jobs, they move from one company to another.

People have different reasons why they do what they do in their lives and they will always find a reason to justify it, so you may never know the real reason why people leave companies.

But if attrition is happening in your team how do you handle it? I’ve explained four simple attitudes you should have to help you overcome the frustration that comes with attrition


    First you need to see attrition as an ally and not as an enemy because it helps you to focus on those you really need to work with. You see, anybody can get excited over a Network marketing opportunity and sign-up in the business. A lot of people will join you simply because they were excited, but you must understand that excitement is cheap.But 6 months or a year down the line after the excitement is gone and the reality of what is required to achieve success in the business sets in, attrition will help you get rid of or filter out the “fake” people, the posers and amateurs who only joined based on excitement. Attrition will help you focus your energy on your real champions – those that know what the business demands and still choose to stick with it.

There are four way I recommend on how to handle attrition, watch the video below to where I explain the methods in full. 

I hope this video was of great value to you. Following what I’ve share in this video is a sure way to keep you invincible against the worries of attrition. I recommend you share it with your team mates especially your new distributors.

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