Simple words that can transform your Network Marketing business

Prospecting is one thing you’re going to keep doing throughout you active period in network marketing. But as important as prospecting is, it’s obviously not the goal of network marketing. The basic goal is to sign up new reps as often and as fast as possible.WaleAkintola_siccess_quote4

So let’s assume you’ve achieved your basic goal and just signed up a new rep. Most of the time (especially if the rep is a newbie), the rep is probably thinking “Great! I just signed up under a great sponsor that’s going to build my business for me and carry me across the finish line”. At his point, your job as a sponsor is to make the new rep get rid of that thought immediately! Let the rep know that success will come to him only through his hard work, persistence and a willingness to follow a proven system.

In my years in network marketing I’ve learnt 7 brilliant words you need to share with every person you bring into the business to help him understand what his responsibilities and commitments should be, and what the sponsor’s should be.

In today’s video I share with you the most important thing you should tell a new rep to help them get started right…Enjoy

I’m sure you got value from that. Imagine if every new rep was told that at the beginning of their Network Marketing journey, we’d have less people blaming their uplines for lack of success.

I suggest you share this video with your team and every new sign-up that joins your team also feel free to share on social media and do place a comment below I appreciate all your comments and likes.

Till next time… have yourself a super day!


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