Top 4 reasons why people don’t succeed in Network marketing

At the beginning of many people’s network marketing journey there’s a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation of huge income, but along the line many fail to achieve their dreams and eventually do not succeed.

Everyone desires success but not everyone is willing to pay the price for it. In today’s post I highlight 5 reasons that keep people from achieving their dreams in Network Marketing.

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed in Network Marketing

  1. Not talking to enough people.
    Some think they can make a fortune by talking to their close friends about their opportunity and often times when such people don’t show interest their spirit is dampened. Have you ever heard someone say “I’ve talked to everyone I know” and when you ask you realize they only talked to about seven people – that’s silly. Statistics show that the average person knows about 600 people. This is the simple rule in Network Marketing: If you talk to a lot of people, you will make a lot of money. If you talk to some people, you will make some money. If you talk to no people, you will make no money.

The other 5 reasons why people don’t succeed in Network Marketing are contained in the video below, take time to watch it, I’m sure it will be of tremendous value to you.

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  1. FELICIA NNA Reply

    This is very resourceful hope to have more of the tips from you.

    • Wale Akintola
      Wale Akintola Reply

      Thank you Felicia, I’m glad you find these helpful. Did you try to watch the video from here?

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